"LIB-ATIONS" - October Edition

Hello Friends!

“The most regretful people on earth,” poet Mary Oliver wrote in her beautiful reflection on giving back, “are those who felt the call to contribute something of themselves, who felt their own desire to serve restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.”

I’ve been around our chapter for a few years, and I can tell you firsthand how profoundly grateful I am to so many of you who have “heard the call to volunteer” and ACTED to help our chapter be one of the best!  I have been truly inspired by so many of you who helped us with planning and carrying out our many activities and events! You folks tackled individual tasks and sometimes even took complete ownership of the whole enchilada! Knowing that you’d have an even better member experience, you reached out to new members to make them feel welcome, invited newbies to play, and even snagged awesome donations for our auction and Tee Party Scramble that ultimately enabled us to establish a named scholarship fund to benefit women through Reynolds Community College! 

Serving as a leader has wildly enriched my own world with deep friendships and the BEST collaborations with smart, funny and passionate women who have also enjoyed board service – including even the challenges! All of that cracklin’ energy going towards creating the rich tapestry that WAS EWGA Richmond and is NOW LPGA Amateurs RVA!

Get ready for a RED-HOT new president and board – just bursting at the seams with new juice and ideas – who will guide us locally AND navigate the promises of our affiliation with the LPGA Foundation. Bring it on, right? Bring it ALL ON!!! As long as we have volunteers who care what happens and are invested in keeping the member experience as rich as it can be, we’ll stay VIBRANT and continue to be one of the best!

Join me at our Fall Ball & Brunch party at Richmond Country Club on Saturday, November 3rd.  I guarantee it will be fun and memorable – more so IF YOU COME!

Here’s to our next great group of leaders!!!!